The Of Course Scheduler
The Of Course Scheduler
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The Of Course Scheduler makes course schedules for schools.

It makes schedules with a phenomenally small amount of effort, on the user/administrator's part at least.

And it makes schedules that are far superior to schedules made using traditional, manual processes.

For example, in our first test school, the simple act of notifying the professors of the courses they were teaching and collecting their desired teaching times took between ten and fifteen hours. Using our system, this can be done in less than ten minutes. Yes, I did mean to say ten minutes.

And the craziest part about the above scenario is that using the old, manual system of preference collection is the information received back from the professors was only kinda used. Used as best as able at least. The Of Course Scheduler not only uses the feedback it receives from the professors, the entire schedule is based upon the feedback it receives from the professors.

And I didn't even mention the super-cool schedule-making part yet, which once you have all of your faculty preferences recorded and hit the START button you will be, in just five minutes, looking at a completed, inspired schedule built around all of those collected faculty preferences. Yes, again, I did mean to say five minutes.

How it began
This technology began at an empirical research center of a law school (which means we were really good at collecting and analyzing data). We were asked to modernize a dated and manual process used to make our own school's schedules, namely because some of the professors were requesting a more thoughtful approach to how the schedules were produced, an approach that could allow them to better orchestrate a schedule accommodating their research writing and conference attendance needs.

When we began, we had three goals:
  1. To make a schedule that took into account when professors actually wanted to teach.
  2. To make a schedule that protected course diversity for students, that is, not scheduling all the, say, tax courses at the same time.
  3. And, to make the process of creating a schedule easy enough that any administrator, dean, faculty member, or staffer could oversee the process.

Where we are now
I'm thrilled to report that we have not only met but wildly exceeded each and every one of those objectives. You might wonder how I know this. I know this because:
  1. This system has been making production schedules for more than five years now.
  2. This system has produced real-live schedules for numerous and diverse universities (e.g. Law Schools AND Liberal Arts Schools) across the country.
  3. These schedules were produced by every kind of person mentioned above (e.g. administrator, dean, faculty member, and staffer).
  4. And I know this because my eleven-year old son could make your school's schedules using the Of Course Scheduler.

What Now?
Want to know more? Continue reading the other sections of the site (HOW does the Scheduler work?, WHY should I use the Scheduler?, What does the Scheduler LOOK like?, How can my school USE the Scheduler?). If you've heard enough, gig me, Troy DeArmitt. I led the development effort and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about what we have and what it can do for your institution.