The OfCourse Scheduler
The OfCourse Scheduler
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This system has been making schedules for real use since 2011 so don't worry that you are about to turn one of your schools most crucial and time-sensitive assets over to some unproven beta-system that is barely standing (we haven't looked like that since 2010).

If you have made it this far and are still interested, let me describe what the next steps would look like.

1. We have a call to assess fit.
You can invite any and all interested parties to this call. The fit I mention here works in both directions—us to you and you to us. I promise we get how critical a timely schedule is to a university so making sure we can meet your institution's needs is just as important to us as it will be for you.

2. We schedule an installation.
If after we talk you are interested in proceeding, we schedule a week to do your setup and installation. Before the install date we will send you a document where you define your school's scheduling parameters. This would include things like the courses your school offers as well as the people who teach those courses as well as the rooms they are taught in (and how big those rooms are). In this document you will also describe the rules for your schedule. Things like:
  • Classes can't start before 8am.
  • We have a protected lunch hour and there can't be any classes from 12-1.
  • Full-time faculty can't teach on Wednesday from 3-5.
  • A 4 credit course can meet 2, 3 or 4 days a week, BUT if it is a First-Year course then it can only meet 3 or 4 days a week.
Two final points about this data collection. First, we have a proven questionnaire so this is more of a fill-in-the-blank exercise than a test of your memory regarding all facets of your school's schedule. Second, no student data resides in our system.

3. We bring you online.
After completing the setup doc noted in the previous step, you won't lift a finger during your install week. And neither will your I.T. folks as this is a web-based, cloud-hosted service that will require no footprint on your campus or involvement from you tech-staff. At week's end we will send you a url specific to your school and login IDs for your admins. Here you will log onto a beauteous site that carries your school's logo and is populated with all of your school's information (e.g. faculty, courses, rooms).

4. We introduce you to your system.
The last step is to hold a pre-flight call where we familiarize you with your new scheduling system. Fact is we will have three pre-flight calls in total as you work your way through the process for the first time. Those three calls will happen (1) before your first use of the system, (2) before you reach out to your faculty for their preferences, and (3) before you run your first schedules. Each call lasts between thirty minutes to an hour and will introduce you to the next leg of the cycle. Technically, the system is easy enough to use without these pre-flight calls but it is SUPER easy to use with them.

After we help you through your first year on the system, you are on your own, as much as you'd like to be at least. This is just to say, for lots of our schools, after year one we rarely hear from them. Our goal is to make you self-sufficient and able to handle your schedule as you did before we met, all on your own. Only now, you have a mega-powerful tool to help you do it, and make you look great while doing it.

If you'd like to begin the conversation or have questions to ask, contact me, Troy DeArmitt. I am the project lead and am responsible for all of the design and much of the development of the system. Thus, you will be getting your answers (and all support) straight from the original creator. There is no question you can ask I cannot answer (in regard to this system at least). And I'd wager that there is no question you can ask that we haven't considered. Lastly, it may be worth noting that the number one answer to most questions is, "Well, yes, of course it does that!".