The OfCourse Scheduler
The OfCourse Scheduler
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This system has been making schedules for real use since 2011.

This academic season (17/18) we will be waiving the new school setup fee for the first ten schools to sign up.

If you would like to be part of this year's cohort, you should contact me, Troy DeArmitt. I am the project lead and am responsible for all of the design and much of the development of the system. Thus, you will be getting your answers (and all support) straight from the original creator. There is no question you can ask I cannot answer (in regard to this system at least). And I'd wager that there is no question you can ask that we haven't considered—The number one answer to most questions is, "Well, yes, of course it does that!").

I welcome the chance to talk to you about your school's scheduling needs. You will find that I have an unhealthy level of interest in such things. Further, I'm infinitely confident that after using our system, when asked if you're happy with the decision, you will offer a resounding, "Of course!".