The OfCourse Scheduler
The OfCourse Scheduler
What is it How does it work What does it look like Why should I get it? How do i get it?
What does the scheduler look like? I get this question a lot and my answer has always been the same—it looks like a piece of art!

The hardest part in preparing this page is choosing which screen to share. For a couple of reasons, we can't share everything but I don't think we need to. Instead, I just need you to see a sample of what we've made so you can:
a. See the level of energy, nurturing, care and expertise that went into crafting this technology.
b. And so you can see why I describe it as a piece of art.

If after seeing the below image, you have the sense that this technology has not been loved and nurtured by people interested in making something special, then we are probably not the right choice for your school.