The OfCourse Scheduler
The OfCourse Scheduler
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Troy DeArmitt, ofCourse co-founder and CTO, responds to the oft-asked question, "Why should I use ofCourse Scheduling?".
At the start of this endeavor schools partnered with us for our technology. That was it. Give me the tool, and I'll do the rest. We had developed a surprisingly powerful and effective solution. Our work simplified and mechanized a process that was becoming increasingly complex and demanding on the people charged with making university course schedules. But, as the service evolved so did these relationships. Now, people partner with us not only to use our technology but also to have access to the bank of experts responsible for creating the technology.

You see, at this point, we have solved unique problems for lots of schools. Between the (1) maturity of the system and (2) its ease of use, we spend very little time working in a technical support capacity. Fact is, we spend more time strategizing with our schools than we do offering technical assistance. The thing I hear a lot is "We're trying to solve this problem, have any of your schools tried this?" and I am surprisingly often able to say, "Well yes they have, and it didn't play out the way you think it might" or "Yes they have and it is very possibly the exact answer you are looking for".

Of course, there are times we get a new kind of request. I'm a little embarrassed at how giddy these new problems make us. In short, we love it. And our schools love having access to people who love such things. I believe the root of this mutual admiration stems from an observation I've repeatedly made over the years—for many people, the schedule making process is a lonely affair. And often a thankless one. Everyone (and by everyone I mean the administrators, the faculty, and yes, of course, the students) expect a diverse and error-free schedule that makes intelligent and competent use of the time and space available to them. But only the people who have had to produce that schedule truly understand what a nerve-fraying affair it is. Lost sleep. Tattered emotions. Hard conversations. It is hard to describe it as anything other than a joyless slog that at the end offers little more than token gratitude.

At ofCourse this is all we do. And we don't just do it two or three months a year. We do it every month of the year. It consumes and fascinates us. So in addition to getting a piece of machinery that will (1) exponentially simplify your administrative overhead AND (2) algorithmically optimize your end schedule, AND (3) help make you, your team, and your office look like super-star schedule-builders you will ALSO gain access to the only people you may ever run into that are more interested in your scheduling problems than you are. This means our working relationship will decrease the amount of angst you must go through—must go through alone at least.

So call us. Partner with us. You will not find more willing or able allies in this annual battle you do with your school's course schedule.

And these are the reasons, I believe, people mainly choose ofCourse Scheduling.


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